Performance Linked Export-Import Services

Business development, especially international business development is not to have a fun for an entrepreneur or small business. It is all about to create value and making money. Good business development allows businesses to do something that is really important for their main mission. It starts with selecting a profitable product, exploring target markets, searching for real buyers, making serious communication, and maturing the business. It ends with realization of export proceeds.

Many companies spend millions of dollars in a year looking for deals and then discovering that they pay-off many times over. 

The thing that makes business development attractive is that the best deals have never been done before. There is no readily available templates by which one can get midnight wonder. This is the reason that most organizations are curious to do it but others do not believe that they have the ability to make it possible. 

We at Export Import Clinic brought you the best and easiest solutions for developing your business internationally. Our solutions which help businesses consist the followings:

  • Image Building (Brand Establishment)
  • Product and Market Basket Analysis.
  • Providing Most Promising International Markets.
  • Connecting with Real Buyers and Genuine Suppliers.
  • Suggesting Most Competitive Price Strategies.
  • Risks Analysis and Advance Level Mitigation Plan with Action.
  • Always Performance Linked Services for End to End Supply. No need to invest in staff-hours. We are here to perform services from getting necessary licenses, creating documents, clearing the goods for export/import, handling end-to-end logistics, follow-up for payment and supplies, follow-up for realisation, and claiming export incentive for you.
  • Hand-holding support till Business Maturity.