Collateral Free Import-Export Financing

The current economic situation forced many import companies to reduce their expenditures and investments, this having an adverse impact on their development. Moreover, these companies are getting less and less support from traditional lenders. 

How to get rid this problem?

There are three solutions:

  1. Reduce expenses and fixed costs in order to restore profitability.
  2. Have recourse to self-financing, but need an important cash-flow.
  3. Looking for foreign partners and investors.

We have an easy, collateral-free and cost effective solutions for your business development. Export Import Clinic has an close association with foreign partners and investors, and offers Factor Financing products for SME’s in developed and emerging markets.

These funding products allow growing SME’s quick and easy access to finance solutions which is more accessible and flexible than raising equity or bank debt because we fund based on the strength of your accounts receivables. 

This platform combines the speed of new technology and the steady focus of building lasting partnerships with our clients. Our partners online portal is built to be personable and responsive to you and is available 24/7 to support your needs.

We need your company information i.e. basic KYC documents. We assess your business and approve for the funding. Once approved for funding, your will be given a credit line. Now your purchase and receivable worries drift away!

Think big for your business. We do the rest.