Increasing International Business Profitability

Due to the economic slowdown and lack of meaningful development in world markets, many organizations have not only discovered ways to improve their margins but they have also searched for additional development opportunities, mainly in the emerging but promising markets. As a result of this changing trend, the expectations and demands of the customers have drastically increased.


Companies are able to meet these expectations by increasing profitability and productivity which comprise: –

  • Optimizing the foreign trade expenditures.
  • Improving operational agility and accountability.
  • Managing external and internal environmental expectations.
  • Optimizing and creating a sustainable supply chain management.
  • Identifying the new revenue sources.
  • Focusing on total cost approach.
  • Managing regulatory and commercials risks.
  • Revaluation of entire overseas operations comprising ‘Procure to Pay’ and ‘Order to Cash’.

The key risks in export-import business and operations include the followings:

  • Incorrect analysis of export order which leads incorrect pricing.
  • Taking entire supply chain lead time calculation very lightly. 
  • Careless selection of the inappropriate and non-competent supplier of goods and services.
  • Lack of integration between marketing, sales, supply chain and operation people.
  • Missing Business Processes and Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Procurement risks.
  • Failure to achieve operational efficiencies and productivity.
  • Non-claiming export assistance.
  • Non-fulfillment of various short-term and long-term obligations. 


Export Import Clinic demonstrates expertise to increase the profitability and productivity of any organization by implementing the unique, time-bound, and precise audit and health check-up of international business. We increase profitability & productivity of any organization. No matter what products they dealt with.