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Stop looking for the perfect consulting group to help with your project. You found us! Our consulting service is here to help give your international business the edge!

Whatever problems your Export-Import business is having in growing to meet your expectations, our experts can help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your business model and processes, and refine them off course best suited to your business needs.

We are a centric focal company specializing in Export-Import Documentation, Logistics, Licensing, Export Import Health Checkup for Profitability Enhancement, Liaison with Concern Authorities, Taxation, and assisting companies to manage their International Business in all dimensions. We can help facilitate the transactions between your business and agencies allowing you to concentrate on your customer base.

Performance linked export-import services

Business development, especially international business development is not to have fun for an entrepreneur or small business. It is all about creating value and making money. Good business development allows businesses to do something that is really important for their main mission. It starts with selecting a profitable product, exploring target markets, searching for real buyers, making serious communication, and maturing the business. It ends with the realization of export proceeds.

Many companies spend millions of dollars in a year looking for deals and then discovering that they pay-off many times over. 

The thing that makes business development attractive is that the best deals have never been done before. There is no readily available templates by which one can get midnight wonder. This is the reason that most organizations are curious to do it but others do not believe that they have the ability to make it possible. 

We at Export Import Clinic brought you the best and easiest solutions for developing your business internationally. Our solutions which help businesses consist the followings:

  • Image Building (Brand Establishment)
  • Product and Market Basket Analysis.
  • Providing Most Promising International Markets.
  • Connecting with Real Buyers and Genuine Suppliers.
  • Suggesting Most Competitive Price Strategies.
  • Risks Analysis and Advance Level Mitigation Plan with Action.
  • Always Performance Linked Services for End to End Supply. No need to invest in staff-hours. We are here to perform services from getting necessary licenses, creating documents, clearing the goods for export/import, handling end-to-end logistics, follow-up for payment and supplies, follow-up for realization, and claiming export incentive for you.
  • Hand-holding support until Business Maturity.

Increasing international business profitability

Due to the economic slowdown and lack of meaningful development in world markets, many organizations have not only discovered ways to improve their margins but they have also searched for additional development opportunities, mainly in the emerging but promising markets. As a result of this changing trend, the expectations and demands of the customers have drastically increased.

Companies are able to meet these expectations by increasing profitability and productivity which comprise: –

  • Optimizing foreign trade expenditures.
  • Improving operational agility and accountability.
  • Managing external and internal environmental expectations.
  • Optimizing and creating a sustainable supply chain management.
  • Identifying the new revenue sources.
  • Focusing on the total cost approach.
  • Managing regulatory and commercials risks.
  • Revaluation of entire overseas operations comprising ‘Procure to Pay’ and ‘Order to Cash’.

The key risks in export-import business and operations include the followings:

  • Incorrect analysis of export order which leads to incorrect pricing.
  • Taking the entire supply chain lead time calculation very lightly. 
  • Careless selection of the inappropriate and non-competent supplier of goods and services.
  • Lack of integration between marketing, sales, supply chain, and operation people.
  • Missing Business Processes and Standard Operating Procedure.
  • Procurement risks.
  • Failure to achieve operational efficiencies and productivity.
  • Non-claiming export assistance.
  • Non-fulfillment of various short-term and long-term obligations.

We STOP leakage of money and increase profitability

Export Import Clinic demonstrates expertise to increase the profitability and productivity of any organization by implementing the unique, time-bound, and precise audit and health check-up of international business. We increase the profitability and productivity of any organization. No matter what products they dealt with.

Collateral free export-import financing

The current economic situation forced many import companies to reduce their expenditures and investments, this having an adverse impact on their development. Moreover, these companies are getting less and less support from traditional lenders. 

How to get rid of this problem?

There are three solutions:

  1. Reduce expenses and fixed costs in order to restore profitability.
  2. Have recourse to self-financing, but need an important cash-flow.
  3. Looking for foreign partners and investors.

We have easy, collateral-free, and cost-effective solutions for your business development. Export Import Clinic has a close association with foreign partners and investors and offers Factor Financing products for SMEs in developed and emerging markets.

These funding products allow growing SME’s quick and easy access to finance solutions which is more accessible and flexible than raising equity or bank debt because we fund based on the strength of your accounts receivables. 

This platform combines the speed of new technology and the steady focus of building lasting partnerships with our clients. Our partner’s online portal is built to be personable and responsive to you and is available 24/7 to support your needs.

We need your company information i.e. basic KYC documents. We assess your business and approve of the funding. Once approved for funding, you will be given a credit line. Now your purchase and receivable worries drift away! Think big for your business. We do the rest.

Documentation, licensing, and specialized liaising

Including Pre & Post Export Documentation, we help facilitate the transactions between your business and agencies allowing you to concentrate more on your customer base. We are providing industry-best services to the clients for licensing needs.  

Some are undermentioned:  

  • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
  • Importer Exporter Code (IEC)  
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)  
  • Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)
  • Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)
  • Advance Authorisation
  • Duty-Free Import Authorisation  (DFIA)
  • Export Promotion Capital Goods  (EPCG)
  • Norms Fixation,  
  • BIS & IS Certifications. 
  • EPR Certification. 
  • Special Valuation Branch.

Practical Training and Workshops for Corporates

Today’s in a competitive market, companies want to meet the pace of global demand, and professionals want to grow. Academic knowledge is not sufficient but practical knowledge is the requirement.  We provide industry best and 100% practical based training for export-import business managements.

Always Customer First

We are different because we work with a philosophy Customer First, Pursuit to
Excellence & Committed Delivery.

Designed for Solutions

We look problems from fresh eyes and analyse based on tested tools so we always deliver solutions that best fit to your business needs.

Centric Focus

We are always centric focused on deliverables so that you can be free from routine worries and focus only on your customers.


Though we work hard to give you the best consulting services around, but it’s important to us that our clients get the benefits of a better product without paying more.Our commitment is to excellence without inflated price.