One-stop solutions for export-import

In India, we are the only international business consulting firm providing you integrated services under one roof. You need not move here-and-there for a single and small query. We are here to assist you so that you may centric focus on your customers and business. Our commitment is to add value but not the cost.

Great Services Always at Lower Cost

We work hard to give you the best EXPORT-IMPORT SERVICES around. But it’s important to us that our clients get the benefits of a better product without paying more. Our commitment is to excellence without inflated price, and that’s why we pride ourselves on a history of being the lowest-cost option among our competitors.

We Always Have a Great Deal for You

Export Import Clinic goes the extra mile. We know that all of our clients have unique needs. If you’ve searched all over and can’t find what you’re looking for, we probably have it! This includes International Business Development, Business Profitability Audit, Customized Business Process Set-up, Hiring a Suitable Candidate for You, Licensing Solutions, Legal Advisory, Practical Training to EXIM Team, and Collateral Free; Import Financing & Export Factoring.

A Bit About Nand J Singh (Founder & CEO)

Hi, I’m Nand J Singh… International business coach, speaker, author, blogger & strategist. I have worked with leading companies heading to the global business department. I believe that the “Export & Import” are the most important part of any business but not tough to handle. At Export-Import Clinic I make it easy for you.